After living in 5 different cities over the course of 11 years, I moved back to my hometown of Alpena, MI {7.30.11}. I began dating Bobby who just so happens to have been my very first kiss when I was 14. We got engaged in Aruba {4.11.12} and married at Niagara Falls {6.21.13}. We welcomed a new addition to our family - a cockapoo puppy named Jax {7.10.12}. I work as an Optician. I love this new chapter in my life and look forward to what's yet to come!


Welcome to September!

{Friday 8.30.13} Worked 10-6, Walking Dead S3 marathon

{Saturday 8.31.13} Went to Farmer’s Market, brunch at Big Boy, Harrisville Arts & Crafts Show, Walking Dead S3 marathon, drinks at Dan & Stephanie’s

{Sunday 9.1.13} Cleaned house, Labor Day party at Dan & Cristie’s

{Monday 9.2.13} Watched Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, cleaned out car, worked out


Oh how the months fly by! Key updates: Bobby & I married at Niagara Falls, New York {6.21.13}. Bobby is opening his own insurance office this month after working in the industry for 3 years. It’s 8:17pm (on a Friday) right now and he’s STILL at the new office. When he gets home we’ll pick back up with our marathon of The Walking Dead Season 3.

The new office has so much of his attention that it’s the perfect time for me to focus on my own self-improvement! I’m going to throw myself into a September Beachbody Challenge led by Jamie. I was so excited when she messaged me yesterday inviting me to join! It will focus on clean eating, working out, homework assignments, and substituting 1 meal each day with Shakeology. I’m hoping it will be my saving grace and that I will finally be able to reach my ideal weight of 120 again! We’ll be starting in mid-September, and I’m thinking about using this account to document my progress. =)

My husband Bobby & I {6.21.13 Niagara Falls, New York}

My husband Bobby & I {6.21.13 Niagara Falls, New York}


Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner {finally}! Bobby & I have decided to welcome summer by getting married on June 21st - Summer Solstice - at Niagara Falls State Park!

  • Vacation request submitted (X)
  • Guests invited (our immediate families) (X)
  • Niagara Falls State Park wedding permit granted (X)
  • Officiant booked (X)
  • Restaurant reserved for dinner (X)
  • Long weekend itinerary planned (X)
  • Dress & suit purchased (X)

Still to do:

  • Buy shoes and jewelry
  • Book hair & makeup appt.

Also, part of my ongoing goal over the next 7 1/2 weeks {before we go to Niagara Falls} is to reach 125 lbs. or less and have our home spring cleaned from top to bottom!

This morning Bobby made us a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs with turkey sausage, pancakes, and coffee. We spent the afternoon cleaning - we raked the backyard, swept/vacuumed the garage and basement, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and the spare bedroom. He’s burning {the insane amount of} leaves from our backyard at his parents right now.

Today is Sunday so tomorrow starts another week at the grindstone: 2 (his & mine) full-time jobs, wedding planning, striving to eat healthy & exercise, housework, & taking care of our little bundle of joy Jax who will be 1-year-old this Friday, May 3rd!


{1.4.13, Friday} Worked 10-6, Dinner with Bobby @ Applebee’s, Watched movie Cosmopolis

{1.5.13, Saturday} Brunch with Amanda @ Big Boy, Lunch (thin-crust pizza) with Bobby @ Pizza Hut

{1.6.13, Sunday} Ice skating with Bobby @ Northern Lights Arena, Lunch with Bobby @ Los Cuatros, Sunday dinner @ Matt & Anne’s, Honey Boo Boo marathon

{1.7.13, Monday} Worked 10-6, Watched The Bachelor premiere with Anne

{1.8.13, Tuesday} Cleaned house, Pretty Little Liars Season 2 marathon leading up to PLL S3 premiere tonight

{1.11.13, Friday} Worked 10-6, Wildcats Hockey Game @ Northern Lights Arena, Dinner @ JJs

{1.12.13, Saturday} Worked 9-3, Drinks @ Cabin Creek, Dinner @ Applebee’s, Watched House at the End of the Street


Bobby & I rang in the New Year for the 2nd year in a row at a large party at Nate & Katie Engstrom’s. We had a delicious dinner of prime rib, crab legs, sweet potato casserole, salads, and chocolate eclairs.

This morning we took Jax for an hour long walk around the neighborhood. It is a bright and sunny day which we both have off. I put together my New Year’s resolutions and made health & fitness charts for Bobby & I.

New Year’s Eve/Day is one of my favorite holidays! I love the feeling of a fresh start and hope to make this year my best yet! 


{12.15.12} We cleaned the house and relaxed for the first part of the day. We went out to dinner at The Owl and then for Kahlua coffees and desserts at The Courtyard. We returned home and watched 2 standup comedy routines on Netflix.

{12.16.12} Today we went to Art in the Loft. We went to the Christmas production of Snowed In at Thunder Bay Theatre. We picked up a few groceries at Wal-Mart and made cheese hash brown potatoes for my work potluck tomorrow. We had Sunday dinner at Drew & Alicia’s. We picked up McFlurries on the way home and watched the season finale of Dexter. It was a great weekend - I LOVE having Bobby to share these types of experiences with! <3


Bobby & I have moved to town! It’s a great find: 2 BR, 1 BA, fenced in backyard (for Jax!), freshly painted walls, new linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom, hardwood floors in the rest of the house, fireplace, built-in bookshelf and china cabinet, basement, garage, and the list goes on!

Today after work Bobby & I took Jax for a walk around the island at the corner of Long Rapids and Chisholm. It was a warm, sunny day; the trees are vibrant with fall colors. I took many adorable pictures of puppy!

We dropped off Jax at home, ate dinner at Pizza Hut, used a Monopoly game piece for a free Oreo Mcflurry at McDonald’s, and watched the comedy That’s My Boy. Then I continued reading Gretchen Rubin’s new book Happier At Home, and Bobby went down to the basement to organize some of his boxes.

Yesterday we finally got our internet hooked up after not having it for ~3 weeks. Since he needed to be home part of the day for the installation, Bobby surprised me by painting our bedroom while I was at work. It looks SO much better; now it is taupe instead of off white.

Our New Baby ~ Jax Barrigar

Our New Baby ~ Jax Barrigar

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